Strange dream

I had a strange dream. I don’t remember all of it, but I will try to note down what I remember here. Hopefully I will be able to piece it back together later, but this will probably not be coherent in its current form.

It took place in a lawless society dominated by kids, (this part was similar to Jerimiah, maybe I was thinking about that show.) The remnants of the old modern society were still visible, but a lot of things were old and decrepit and didn’t work anymore. The kids swapped stories about a better place they called “safehome” where another kid named Billy Brindle would be waiting for them and everything would be OK again. (Sounds like a cross between Jerimiah and The Stand).

I remember trying to get to my classes, like it was my first day of school and I didn’t know my way around. The school was like a huge mall and was thronged with people, kids of all ages, mostly high school and college, and I couldn’t quite get around to get to my class in time.

One of the classes was with two classes together/competing, and the current activity was writing a skit or something. The skit was something about a fire drill or something happening at the school, only instead of actually doing it (the fire drill or whatever), we were working out a skit about the kids doing the fire drill, working out where everyone would stand, what their names would be, who would be the leader, etc. This was being done by the two groups, not in a classroom but outside, in an environment that looked like a residential neighborhood, so each group took a driveway to represent the classrooms where the fire drill was taking place, and we drew on them with chalk or something to work out where the kids in the skit-story would stand.

There was something sinister about the post-modern world, even though there were a lot of kids and basically a lot of lawlessness, we weren’t allowed to have certain things, like art or music or canned soda, and anyone caught with these things would be taken away by the guards and never heard from again.

I remember getting around from place to place on the bus. One bus was crowded, standing room only, ladies with small children. I remember that babies were kind of an annoyance, like you didn’t want to just leave your baby alone on the street, but you could hand it to another woman who was about the right age and she would take care of it, for a while, and pass it on to some other young surrogate-mother in turn, when she got tired of caring for it.

There was another bus in the middle of the day which was not so crowded, and on this bus, the driver knew the three or so passengers and wouldn’t let anyone else on unless you were part of the group or knew the name of someone who was in the group. This bus would drive for a while, and then park somewhere and everyone would sleep in the bus like this was their home or something. The people on this other bus had some canned soda (which was contraband in this society) but it was hidden in with all the other junk on the floor of the bus where most of the seats had been taken out. So in order to find one of the sodas you had to follow a string that weaved in and out of the windows and then down into the piles of junk.

After getting off the bus, I met up with some friends that were hunting a demon or something (this part was similar to Buffy) and we had to open up the manhole covers and look down into the sewers to find the monster we were looking for. It didn’t actually come because we had come too early or too late so we gave up on it and didn’t go down into the sewer to look for it, and instead we went our separate ways.

At some point we came to a group of kids that were gathered around the front lawn/driveway of a nice house in a residential area (like the “classroom” setting before only a bit nicer). The driveway curved around, and the house was on a corner, so the people who had cars or trucks parked them on the driveway and on the sidewalk, all around the lawn. In a display of lawlessness, they all turned on music in the cars, took out canned soda and started drinking it, and took out various works of art on canvas and propped them up against the cars for all to see. So sure enough the guards came by after a while (two of them) and started to arrest all the kids. Two of the tougher kids started a fight with the guards, after both guards were down on the grass, we all ran, jumping over fences, etc.

We kept running away from the guards and jumping over fences (me and I don’t remember who was with me, I just remember a general sense of this person being my friend). We realized that we had learned of this place in a story, told by the kids about how to get to “safehome” so we kept on going. If we were going to make it to safehome, we knew we couldn’t go underground, we had to keep jumping fences. As we kept jumping up on things (like tv antennas or whatever was there) we got higher in the sky and finally found it – the entrance to safehome. Sure enough, Billy Brindle was waiting inside by the entrance, looking like a hippie with a moustache, and he greeted us. Safehome turned out to be another residential neighborhood, also with nicely manicured lawns, only in this neighborhood there were no guards, so people could drink canned soda, listen to music, and trade art and other cool items without fear of reprisal. Lots of people were around, in kind of like a street fair, some houses had art, shirts, special herbs, etc. on display for sale, and some houses just had a campfire in the driveway.

Everyone was given a free house, but we were not interested in this, we just wanted to find another two friends who had come before us. People were being vague and evasive, but we eventually found out that because our friends were black, they had been sent to another neighborhood, fed bad food that made them sick, and eventually were killed mysteriously. Once we learned this, we decided we wanted to get away, get as far away from safehome as possible, but the other kids from the classroom before were all there, surrounding us and not letting us leave. That’s when I woke up.

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