Hello, not much going on. I haven’t had much time to write, probably because I have been more tired than usual. I have been waking up tired, despite going to bed at a reasonable time. Nothing serious, I think it’s just because the air mattress has gone a bit soft.

P.S. All the media-driven frenzy regarding “9/11 memorial” can go to Hell, thank you. I prefer to remember a bit, perhaps forget a bit, but I will do so in my own way. I don’t appreciate all you TV, newspaper and radio folks trying to sell more media pre-empting normal shows and trying to be the Most Sensitive, Most In-Depth, Most Whatever 9/11 anniversary memorial Thing.

P.P.S. I’m about sick of President Cheny and friends suggesting that we have to Bomb The Hell Out Of Iraq. Can you just let the U.N. handle it please? Thanks.

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