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Today’s random writing is brought to you by: Six of Cups, Prince of Pentacles, The Stars

6C. Six of Cups
Devotion, love of life in all aspects, spiritual uplifting
If reversed: Self-centeredness, narrow-mindedness

The Six shows six cups held aloft as if in a toast, by six people (each using her right hand). In the background a huge tree is visible. A warm glow surrounds the cups and a beam of light streams down from above onto them. Sparkles of energy surround them.

The other book (Renee) describes the Six as “denotes a relaxed and fairly prosperous interval, often a time when you are beginning to enjoy some success following a period of insecurity. You have achieved a sense of self-esteem by living in harmony with your inner values and gaining confidence from dealing with emotional challenges.” More traditional decks often depict this card with a pair of children playing in the courtyard of a castle.

The six cups in the picture seem to represent a group of friends who have come together to celebrate something, perhaps their own friendship. The sunlight and warm glow seem to represent that this union is a blessed ones. Perhaps they are celebrating their own spiritual uplifting, or their love of life, or their devotion to one of these things. The reverse might seem to say that someone is thinking of himself and not of the greater good, or that the celebration is postponed or the union is blocked or hampered by something.

PP. Prince of Pentacles
Prince of Pentacles:That which is indicated by the card modified has taken on physical form
If reversed: Things have not yet taken shape, or will not

The Prince is pictured walking on a path carrying his large pentacle. He has a green cloak and green clothes. In this deck, the Knight is replaced by the Prince and the Page is replaced by the Princess. I think this provides a good balance, this means that they can represent Older Man (King) Older Woman (Queen) and Younger Man (Prince) and Younger Woman (Princess). It also means that the court cards can represent father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter. The Pentacles would represent Earth, materialism, being rooted in physical reality, living in the “real” world. Thus the Prince of Pentacles would represent a younger male, from an Earth elemental sign, or one who is trying to show his worth and value in a materialistic way, by surrounding himself with lovely possessions. Perhaps he is comfortable or independent, or perhaps he is too rooted in physical possessions and material wealth.

17. The Stars
Inspiration, creative energy, creative ideas come. You know what you want to say, to create. The energy of motion is added to your magic. The numbers 90 and 900.
If reversed: Striving for success, reaching for creativity, Querent may wish a career in art and the creative fields.

The Stars shows a nude woman next to a pool, pouring water from two pitchers into the pool on the left and a stream connected to the pool on the right. Her left hand is on the right side of the image, and is held higher than her right hand (our left). The pitcher in her left hand is blue and the one in her right hand is red. The blue one is the one pouring into the stream (which seems to flow into the pool at the left of the image. Her hair is adorned with a circle of flowers. Behind her is a green meadow with some large rocks in it, one tree to the right, and several hills visible in the far background. The sky is bright blue, and there are seven stars hanging in the air above her of various sizes, each having seven points. There is a large green sphere above and to the right, I don’t know what this represents.

The Renee book describes this card as “the channels of energy that flow into your life, bringing inspiration, guidance, and renewed life force.”

The reading mentions inspiration, creative energy. Perhaps there is a common theme here, for me, or perhaps there are just a lot of cards in the deck dealing with creativity and inspiration :)

I should do a review of the 4 signs, elements, etc. That’s all for now.

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