Aie! Quizzes!

Friends (and you know who you are) – please, if you’re going to post quiz results, or anything with pictures in it, please put in an lj-cut tag!

If I have you bookmarked on my friends page, it’s probably because I like reading what you write, and you’re cool enough to pay attention to. Take that as a compliment! But personally I don’t really care for quizzes, because they’re 1) they’re basically ads, 2) they contain large pictures, and 3) it’s something you didn’t write, and I much prefer to read about what you think, feel, and believe.

Your journal is your journal, and please don’t modify it just to please me. I don’t often express discomfort at what other people are writing, since I’m assuming they are like me and they write for themselves, not for the enjoyment of others. It’s not like I am a paid subscriber to your private life or anything. But perhaps you care about the audience, as I do, perhaps as a secondary concern. In case you care about the readers, I offer this small bit of feedback.

(tyee, this doesn’t apply to you since your page is all quizzes all the time, I don’t read it, but you’re still on the friends list so you can see friends-only entries if they come up)

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