Doing battle with the air conditioner, again

Good thing: Finally got the old air conditioner installed in the window.
Bad thing: It’s not quite powerful enough to cool the front room.
Good thing: We installed some curtains to separate the front room from the dining room.
Bad thing: Still not enough cooling power, or the curtains aren’t working well.
Good: Bought a new air conditioner on July 20.
Bad: New air conditioner is way too heavy to haul upstairs myself.
Good: My friend John helped me haul it upstairs! yay!
Bad: Haven’t been motivated to install it until this weekend.
Good: Motivated. Saturday.
Bad: AC unit has a corner caved in. Outside of case looks terrible.
Good: Who cares about cosmetic damage? I sure don’t. Bend it back out.
Bad: Whoah, there’s some copper pipes right inside there that look bent up too.
Good: Well I should probably test this thing before I rip the old one out of the window.
Bad: No cool air, fan just moves around air that’s the same temperature as the room.
Good: This thing comes apart for easy installation, maybe I should take the outside case off
Bad: Oh look, this copper pipe is bent all to hell in three places.
Good: Well I guess I should give it one more try, I wonder if I could straighten this pipe here
Bad: No good, the pump part heats up pretty good but doesn’t deliver heated liquid to the radiator.
Bad: OK looks like I’m going to have to take it back. Where the hell is the receipt?
Good: OK found the receipt.
Bad: Now how am I going to get it back down the stairs?
Good: Well I have been putting off buying a hand truck, might as well do that now.
Bad: Now I need to figure out how to tie this box to the hand truck because it’s so huge

Well, that was a burst of productivity with almost nothing to show for it. Damn Frys and their broken equipment. I’ll keep you posted.

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