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Everything went fine with the Noc shift and with being on call this weekend, no big emergencies. I was a bit tired last week from a couple of early-morning wake-up calls, but that is not such a terrible thing. Since DB (my boss) and I each covered a shift, now we have some issues to take back to people about what was annoying or what could be improved. Now, about that status report, is it Monday already? (Hee hee :)

I have been trying to write at least a short entry each time I go to the friends page to read about others, so at least I am “doing my part”. Well, this is for selfish reasons really, since I enjoy reading other people’s entries, but it doesn’t give me practice in writing as much as actually updating my own journal, even with small updates.

My weight has been holding steady at 255, for about a month now. Actually it’s like 252 in the morning and about 256 at night, which I find quite amusing. I haven’t been working out much at all, but still watching portion sizes. It’s nice to know I can slack off a little and not immediately slide back, but it’s been a nice lazy month off and I would like to start losing a few more pounds, thank you. Going out for a walk is not so appealing when it’s 90F outside.

I have been playing Neverwinter Nights quite a bit. I have finished Chapter 1 and promptly went on to …play Chapter 1 again of course! However, this time I chose a 7th level character to start (thank you DM mode) instead of 2nd level, mostly because I wanted to see how well the game adapts. It seems to scale pretty well, the encounters were about the same difficulty I thought. For example, where a 2nd-level character might meet two guard dogs, my 7th-level character met two Shadow Mastiffs there. I want to get as much detail as possible so that I can start to design my own worlds with some level of detail.

I actually got the Linux NWN server to work, so if anyone wants to play along with a multi-player game, let me know. I may try to get some people to join me for Chapter 2, at about 8th level, and I can enter as DM and level people up or down if desired. In terms of creating my own game, I’m not sure if I would want to script it all out, like the official story modules, or create a basic “shell” setting and then possess various NPCs as appropriate. I’m pretty sure I don’t care about distributing my modules to others for their private amusement, so I will probably take a combined approach here, and script out a lot of things but leave a little wiggle room in case the characters want to go off in an uncharted direction.

That’s all for now!

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  1. agrimony

    I have NWN! I haven’t really checked out the multiplayer portion except to randomly log into a LAN server just to see. I’d be happy to actually encounter friends there! :)

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