Writing on Tuesday Nov 27, but this actually happened last week on Friday Nov 23.

We got up around 9 am and I went down to the hotel restaurant and got breakfast to go, and brought it back up to the room. We finally got ready to go, and went down and presented ourselves for registration. Once equipped with name badges, we wandered the dealers room and the art show. I bought the ceremonial Jewelry for Miche (this one in the shape of five spiderwebs chained together to form a necklace, which should look good with the Corset bearing spiderweb patterns.

We went to a session called Researching on the Net, the panel for which was Sprague-Morgan, Ontell, Turtledove, Tomomatsu, Killus and Weber. As of this writing I don’t know who was who in the panel except for Harry Turtledove (a writer) and Tadao Tomomatsu (a fan, con organizer, and the son of an important-sounding doctor), but I remember one of the other lady panelists who was a librarian (probably Val Ontell) and seemed to know the material best. I didn’t really learn much from this… there were all sorts of hints and tips but most of them were familiar to me. There was a lot of emphasis on triangulating and verifying your sources (rather than believing anything displayed on your screen is a Primary Source).

We then attended the blood drive. Michelle donated, but I was unable to donate due to high blood pressure (and was again reminded to go see a doctor about it).

I think we retired to the room after this, and read books and watched TV. At some point we ordered room service, I think…

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