Writing on Monday Nov 26, but this actually happened last week on Thursday Nov 22.

I got up at the usual time and I let Miche sleep in. I paid all the bills.

Then I wanted to get some better headphones for the trip, so I went to Fry’s, but found it closed. (We had never heard of an electronics store that was closed on Thanksgiving before, so with tears in our eyes, we drove off into the sunset looking for another place to get headphones… we didn’t find one… *)

I woke Miche up about 11 and we packed clothes, snacks, toiletries, etc. The van came and took us to SFO. We checked bags at the curb and got through the security thing in record time. We then had about two hours to sit inside the secured area and eat a bit of lunch (teriyaki chicken, after a fashion, and Jamba Juice) and then we both read Terry Prachett for an hour or so until the plane was ready for us to board it.

It turned out that the guy at the curb checked in our bag but hadn’t checked US in, so we had to do this before we could board, which involved showing our ID again and answering the questions again. The ID was checked a third time at the door to the jetway (a yard or two from where the other lady had checked them moments before) but luckily we didn’t look suspicious enough for a spot-check. The flight was really short (about an hour) so I just read my book and didn’t even listen to the CDs I had brought.

At Burbank airport, we found out that this is really a tiny airport, which was nice, and it was within walking distance of the hotel, which was nicer. We took the shuttle anyway, and I left my fanny-pack on the bench where we had waited for the shuttle. I continued riding the shuttle back to the same point and the pack was still there. Try that in LAX or SFO! (On second thought, don’t.)

We got checked in at the hotel and went downstairs to the restaurant for turkey dinner. They had a really good turkey dinner. (Well, the turkey itself was a bit dry, but everything else was great.)

I found out that I had failed to bring my charger for the cell phone! Oh well, I guessed I would just have to turn it off whenever possible and see how long it would last.

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