Some things I want in my story

love, perhaps between apparent rivals, a and b
a game, with high stakes, possibly illegal or secret
psychic powers, or a gift, (martial arts? mysticism? mutation?)
OR perhaps a magic item that slowly takes over the user
An unlikely hero A, placed in a difficult situation and acting well
Someone who falls from grace, or betrays himself, but hides his flaw: C

Some events:
First introduction of hero A
When the audience discovers the game
First experience of the rival B and possibly C
??When one person discovers his/her gift (or finds the magic item)
When one person C starts down the wrong path
When two lovers part ways (B and C) or perhaps they are friends or siblings and they just have an argument
When two rivals discover they are in love (A and B)
??When someone else discovers the gift or item (possibly a lover)
When two lovers are forced to compete (A and B)
When one person (A) has to choose between the right deed and his career or station
Fight between the hero and the betrayer (B and C)

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