Outline revised, day two

I am adding: A noble death
I am numbering the events to try and decide how far apart the related events are

Some things I want in my story

1-12 An unlikely hero A, placed in a difficult situation and acting well
Starts off unsure of his place in the world, ends up with a changed role
2-12 a game, or a conspiracy, with high stakes, possibly illegal or secret
Possibly a game at first but more and more serious until the end
3-12 love, perhaps between apparent rivals, a and b
Starts as rivalry, develops in to love, kept secret, finally revealed
4-9 psychic powers, or a gift, (martial arts? mysticism? mutation?)
OR perhaps a magic item that slowly takes over the user
Hinted at in 1, exposed in 4, shared secret in 9
3-11 Someone who falls from grace, or betrays himself, but hides his flaw: C
Hinted in 3, revealed in 6, resolved by a noble death in 11

Rough order of events, subject to change.
1 First introduction of hero A, with a hint of unrest
2 When the audience discovers the game or conspiracy
3 First introduction of the rival B (and possibly C)
4 When one person A discovers his/her gift (or finds the magic item)
5 When two rivals discover they are in love (A and B)
6 When one person C starts down the wrong path
7 When there is an argument between B and C
8 When two lovers are forced to compete (A and B)
9 When someone else B discovers the gift or item of A
10 Fight between the hero and the betrayer (A and C)
11 Death of C, in a way allowing C to redeem himself
12 When one person (A) has to choose between the right deed and his career or station

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