Learning php/mysql

I have some smart people on my friends list, so please allow me to pick your brains. If web programming and/or databases aren’t your thing, please move along. :)

I have a project here at work that I need to slap together in about a week. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as it’s mostly going to be used by me and a couple others on my team.

There’s a bunch of data that I want to dump into a mysql db, and then I want to be able to create three or four web pages that correspond to certain SQL queries. I am pretty comfortable with the mysql part, and I could create the web pages/forms that I want, but doing so in perl would take me a long time.

For someone who has never worked with PHP at all, would this be a good starter project, and is it reasonable to expect that I can do what I want to do? I have heard that PHP is better for this than perl… but is it significantly better? Is there some other tool I should think about using besides php?

Finally, any tips on where to start with PHP/mysql, perhaps a pointer to some sample code I can snarf?


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  1. torquemada

    This should be something you can do in PHP; PHP lets you prototype your page completely in HTML, then go back in and add the PHP you need, inline. Makes getting something up and running vastly easier.

    That said, I’ve been eyeing Ruby on Rails recently. Check this shit out.

    If you want some sample code, you can look at my (very much out of date) website.

  2. esmerel

    I am sure my wonderful husband will have some suggestions, but he’s off at a con where they’re… talking about this stuff. ;) I’ll leave him a pointer so maybe he can come here and respond when he’s got some time =)

    1. nekodojo

      thx for the info… I will try to find some tutorials on the intarweb. I’d be interested in any tips for newbies or pointers to getting started sites, but it’s not urgent or pressing at this point.

  3. space_parasite

    My belief is that PHP was designed to cause perl programmers to go into convulsions, because it has only one non-scalar data type, which is a sick combination of hash and array. The best way to describe it is as a hash in which elements are ordered, and the order matters.

    Other than that, it’s fine, and writing PHP from scratch didn’t turn out to be any harder than the PHP maintenance you made me do way back when. :)

    1. torquemada

      As an off-and-on professional perl developer, PHP’s… interesting interpretation of list versus array versus associative array was annoying, but it didn’t incite convulsions.

      Then again, I came to PHP after developing in Cold Fusion professionally, so it would have taken a lot to faze me.

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