Monthly Archives: July 2003

Spam statistics

Spamassassin seems to still be working well. Once in a while (like once a day) I get a spam that slips through the net… then I go to the spam folder and see another 8 more that were caught. Nice.

Anyway, I’m saving the statistics below for my future reference. boring…

Catch Me If You Can

I saw Catch Me If You Can on pay-per-view. It’s based on a true story (or at least “inspired by” a true story) of Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo diCaprio), a high-school student turned con man, who impersonates an airline pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. Christopher Walken is his father (Frank Sr.) and Tom Hanks is the sometimes-hapless FBI agent.

It was pretty good actually, worth renting sometime. Sort of action-oriented but more in the spy-thriller way and not in the blowing-up-stuff way.