It looks like Amazon is taking pre-orders for the My Neighbor Totoro DVD. According to Amazon, this DVD will be out on Dec. 3 and is produced by Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video. It does not say whether it is dubbed or subtitled.

There was one negative review, by someone who said that “this DVD is great for your children if they haven’t seen it yet, but don’t but it for your collection – wait and hope that Disney releases it” and sort of implies that lots of special features are missing.

Anyone else have information about this DVD? Anyway I might buy it regardless, since it is listed as only $11. If any of my friends have an affiliate account, repost the link with your code added and I will buy it through you…

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  1. aelfsciene


    I’m guessing this is dub-only, since it’s from FOX (who produced the currently-available version), and the price is low enough that I’m sure they’re not funding the cost of a subtitling job. Not that it should be too expensive to do, but most non-anime-focused companies don’t have much interest in putting out subbed versions.

    My associate link would be here if you want a copy, but if you’ve already got the VHS, I’d recommend waiting until Disney puts it out, should that day ever come.

    Of course, I’d love to be proven wrong and find that there’s a sub and extra features, but I’m not holding my breath.

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