Whole30 and paleo, more info

Some great coverage yesterday on the “Whole30” plan and “It Starts With Food” book:

I have been on the “Paleo” plan for some years now and I’m still quite happy with it.  I am both happier and healthier.  I really do believe that it literally saved my life (since I was pre-diabetic and I’m not anymore).

Yes, it is a really restrictive plan, but that’s why it’s only for 30 days.  The point is not to banish potentially problematic foods forever–the point is to reset and re-evaluate and actually determine what makes us healthy and happy.  Almost nobody will stick with the restrictive plan, but most of the folks I have helped/guided through the Whole30 have found it to be life-changing.

I’ve said this before, and the offer still stands: Any of my friends who would like to try this for 30 days, I will totally do it with you.  I will even buy you a copy of “It Starts With Food.”

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