Whole30: Intro to Paleo 101

I found three people so far who are interested in taking me up on my offer: Do the Whole30 program and I'll do it with you.  (If you missed my previous post, click through to my journal).

Anyone else interested?  We will probably use Facebook to talk to each other, but if you are interested, and not using Facebook, contact me and I'll still try to include you somehow.  Or we can just support each other without broadcasting.  I will totally respect your privacy.  Ping me if you are interested!

2 thoughts on “Whole30: Intro to Paleo 101

  1. arkady

    I’ve rather inadvertently found myself on an intermittent fasting diet – 19:5 ratio, i.e. low-calorie liquids for 19 hours, food intake over 5 hours. This was mainly because whilst pregnant the morning sickness meant I completely lost all appetite, though the queasiness eased up in the evening enough to eat normally for a few hours; and since the miscarriage I’ve pretty much stayed with it through habit.

    I’m not sure whether paleo & variations on it will suit me, but I’d certainly be interested in reading about it & your experiences of it.

    1. gconnor

      I see lots of good information on marksdailyapple.com about fasting, view this one or try a search for “fasting” http://www.marksdailyapple.com/fasting-questions-answers/

      My experience is that fasting is a lot more effortless if I’m already on a high-fat diet. I have been skipping breakfast and lunch maybe one day a week and just having dinner, and maybe some snacks a little while later. But, I usually don’t do it every day.

      My experience of paleo in general is that it’s a lot more “forgiving” and flexible, I generally eat when I’m hungry and it all works out. I don’t have to eat six times a day like I have done with other diets.

      I also have done LCHF which is really popular in Sweden but almost unknown here in US. It’s actually 90% the same I think. LCHF is more geeky and of course when I told people I was on it, they had no clue. At least when I say “paleo” people have at least heard of it and we can move on to the “why what you’ve heard is likely wrong” part of the chat.

      Also since I’m still a giant nerd, I have been tracking everything on loseit.com and watching graphs of fat percent (65% this week). Eventually I will get tired of that and not record everything. One would hope.

      Hope you are well! take care.

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