Be paleo, but don’t be a dick about it

In the past I’ve been quite pushy about my anti-grains stance, but now that I’ve lost 90 pounds I just sit back and let the results speak for themselves. If any friends are really curious, I am happy to share my experience, and I also tell them to go and read up on Mark’s Daily Apple.

I still feel strongly that low-fat diets rich in refined grains are literally killing people, but since the science is still not settled and well-understood, there is little I can do about the masses. All I can do is vote with my knife and fork, try to set a good example for my family and loved ones, and be available to share my experience whenever someone is curious.

And recently I have found that “set a good example” has to include “don’t be a dick about it.” A diet doesn’t have to be extreme paleo to be a bit healthier. A lot of people can be helped just by adding back some of the “good fats” we have rejected. So now I spend a lot of my available breath telling the good news about Good Fats. Hopefully getting people back in touch with fats will help a little, and some of them will step through the gateway into paleo, but not all. And that’s OK.

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