Experiment on yourself!

Of course I’m a big fan of low-carb. But I discovered something even more important: Experiment On Yourself. You will have to try dozens and dozens of things before you find the “recipe” that works for you. Keep track of what you’re doing. Ask others what they did, and try it. Keep track of how you feel. Find things that work and keep doing them. Fine-tune your plan as you go.

Nutrient balance is a good place to start.  Look at your nutrient balance each week, and decide where you want to go with it in the coming week.  (Of course this means logging what you are eating using LoseIt or similar tool. Lots of things are required for good health: vitamins/micronutrients, water, sodium. potassium, lots of good sleep, water, exercise. But I know this for certain: None of that matters as much as your nutrient balance. You can do literally everything else perfect, and have the wrong nutrient balance, and you can still be miserable, obese or worse. Even exercise is not as important as macronutrient balance. Find the right balance for you, and you are 80% of the way through. Do the other stuff whenever and however you want… just get your nutrient balance right for you FIRST. It helps to read up on each nutrient and the role they each play in your body. But experimenting with different levels (try for about 4 weeks at each level) is the only way to be sure if it’s right for you.

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