Further, in defense of fats

I keep posting to folks suggesting that they add some good fats. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to do that, here’s something I wrote on Lose It, in the Whole30 challenge. Whole30 is like paleo boot camp. It is a naturally low-carb high-fat plan.

I like really big salads with lots of olive oil and some salt. For more fats goodness I will often add an avocado. I also like veggies such as broccoli or cauliflower with lots of butter (clarified of course). Slivered almonds are great on salads or on green beans (more butter of course). I usually will have macadamia nuts by themselves, they are really rich.

Lots of paleo folks will say to use lean meats and add some good fats. I think this is because most of our meats are corn-fed and that means the fat from those meats has high omega-6 and not much omega-3. But, I think that is fine-tuning a bit too much… if you can get beef fat or pork fat (or even bacon fat or duck fat) those are excellent for cooking… sweat some onions in bacon fat and then use it to braise some spinach or whatever veggies you have around.

Boiled eggs are also great on salads.  I don’t think I’ve ever had an egg-white omelete and I don’t intend to start now.

Speaking of eggs, if you like mayo, you can whip up your own sugar-free mayo in the food processor (or even using a stick blender) which turns olive oil into a whole different dressing. Use that on salads or just toss your eggs or tuna with it for an egg-salad or tuna-salad, even chicken salad… wrap those in a lettuce leaf.

If you’re not “strict” (or perhaps, after your Whole30 is over) you have a few more options. Real butter (clarified or not) as well as heavy cream for your coffee and some cheeses (no lite or low-fat though please). If you like lattes, try a “breve latte” which is made with half and half instead of milk.

This message brought to you by the Good Fats Advisory Council.

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