Read entries by tags

This is interesting… this must be a new feature that was added some time recently and I didn’t or communities based on their tags. For example if you modify me you get the screen that would normally show “Add to groups” and “Select colors” and now it has a “Read entries by tags” section.

This looks like it should work great for opting in/out of certain entries, and probably much cleaner than the old “Hey I made a filter for ______ entries that are {TMI, boring, only interesting to people in my xxx group, whatever}”. Now all you have to do is add the tag, which you may already be doing anyway.

This would not work for cases where you actually want to hide entries from some people, because it’s under the reader’s control and not a privacy-type feature. At the same time, it means that if someone screens out certain entries from their friends page, they can still click through to your normal journal to see what they missed.

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