Yahoo is looking to fill a bunch of positions right now, including front-end dev, back-end dev, and sysadmin/tools dev. These three descriptions are devs of various types. Feel free to pass along the descriptions. People can apply via or send resumes to me (or other Yahoo folks if you already know one) — no reason not to do both.

Search Front End

We are hiring superstar client- and server-side engineers to join our team of JS ninjas and PHP gurus. If you have a passion for solving difficult problems and enjoy writing beautiful code that’s well documented and maintainable, you’re well on your way to joining our team. On the client side, we make extensive use of the YUI library and often contribute features to it. On the server side, our applications are built using Apache and PHP5. Work closely with user experience designers, product managers, and other engineers in a development environment that is highly collaborative. Build new features and enhancements for Yahoo! web search. These engineers are responsible for developing production-level code as well as proof-of-concepts and prototypes.

Ideal referrals should demonstrate:

* At least 5 years of industry experience building large scale consumer facing web application
* Well versed in code optimization and software design principles
* Experience working on a LAMP stack
* Strong background in application development using PHP and/or expertise in Javascript, CSS and HTML

Search Platform

Yahoo Search is rapidly evolving from the current blue link paradigm to a semantically rich object centric view of the web. Our users will see new compelling experiences that allow them to find answers rather than links and actually complete their tasks without leaving the search engine.

Our data platforms bring together the best of the web – billions of crawled pages, listings from Yahoo sites, social data from yahoo and partners, aggregated, enriched and represented semantically, and utilized across the Yahoo network, to create highly engaging user experiences.

Our serving platforms enable us to understand user intent (whether search or browse), consult multiple sources of information, rank complex objects that match that intent, and construct pages that maximize user satisfaction, all within milliseconds.

Building these systems provides many technical challenges in the areas of distributed computing, data analysis, multi-petabyte storage systems, high-performance, high availability computing, and efficient graph traversal algorithms. We’re looking for world-class, fun-loving engineers to join our team!

Ideal referrals should demonstrate:

* Strong Java or C++/C, multi-threaded programming, network programming, Unix development tools, scripting languages.
* Experience building large-scale, complex, reliable systems or applications.
* Participated in full life cycle of large project: Design, implementation, shipping and sustaining.
* Experience with large and distributed Linux applications.

Web Search

Are you passionate about building global software products? Do you want to improve both mobile and web search experience for millions of users around the world every day? Do you enjoy solving challenging and complex problems? Are you extremely analytical and very detail-oriented? We have THE opportunity for you!

Ideal referrals should demonstrate:

* Experience developing complex, scalable, server based web applications.
* Excellent programming and implementation abilities (perl/php/c++/java).
* Strong analytical, problem solving and debugging skills.
* Extensive experience with object-oriented design and development techniques.

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