Vegas, day 3

Drop off Miche and Corrii at Treasure Island
Try to find shirt or bandana for Darren’s costume and mine
Breakfast at Starbucks
Stores not open yet. Gamble.
Win 700 at roulette table betting on red, red, black
Drive to Supercuts and get haircut
Return to Treasure Island, locate Bridal Dressing Room
Change into costume, chat with officiant and wedding staff
Ceremony! On a freakin Pirate Ship!
Lots of pictures after
Back to hotel for quick lunch
Cab to Postrio
Excellent dinner
Cab back to hotel

+700 Won at roulette
-20 Cab to Postrio
-15 Cab back to hotel

-15 Starbucks
-20 Supercuts
-20 Deli
-1000 Dinner at Postrio (10 people)
-90 Spa treatment

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