Sophie has cancer

Sophie has a growth in one lung, and based on neurological symptoms, probably something in her brain as well.

As of right now, she’s not in pain or distress and we can likely keep her comfortable for a while, but we’ll be monitoring her pretty closely. Given her age, and the diabetes she already has, we are not likely to set her on a chemo or radiation course… we’ll be focused on keeping her pampered and comfortable. The usual expectation for a kitty with this type of condition is usually between 6 months and 1 year, but given that Sophie has just kept going, and going, like a tank, it may end up being longer than that. Who knows.

Miche and I are feeling a bit crushed… this will be the third kitty out of four to have cancer (plus one of two more who fostered with us and then found other parents).

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  1. torquemada

    Oh, Sophie. Like I just commented in Miche’s journal, I think that your cats have held on so long to being with you guys that cancer’s the only thing left that they could get — everything else got sent home on its ass. A little kitty body can only love so much for so long.

    I’m sorry about Sophie, Greg. Give her some lovins for me?

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