On exploring the neighborhood and getting lost

Buffy, honorary jungle catThis is Buffy, who achieved honorary Jungle Cat status by making a break from his presumably comfy home to go out on safari, finally making his way to our door.

We could tell Buffy was someone’s baby because he was very friendly and approachable, so we took a couple pics and posted them at the nearest stoplight with the heading: “Found: Orange/cream long hair cat”

Buffy’s owner called, I told her that Buffy was still out on walkabout as far as we knew, but he had showed up two nights and would probably show up tonight too. Which he did, finally about 11:15. I called the owner again, this time getting no answer, so this time I lured him into the garage. He’s in the garage now with food, water, litter and a blanket, awaiting the owner to get the message and call me again.

What a friendly kitty! I’ll be happy to see him on his way home… he really doesn’t belong out here with the *real* jungle cats.

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