Harley has cancer. This is a huge blow to us since we just lost Simon, six weeks ago. M and I are stunned and feeling broken…

We’re awaiting the results of one more test (exactly what type of cancer cells), but the ultrasound suggests that it’s entwined in his lymph nodes and spleen. It’s most likely not operable, and looks to be pretty advanced. Harley is being kept overnight at the vet, a second night, due to being quite dehydrated.

We took him to a different vet, called VMS/VSA, immediately adjoining the emergency/after hours vet. I went to visit him in the hospital, and they took me to a nice visiting room with a couch and an easy chair. He was still tired and listless but he was happy to see me, got on my lap and everything. They left me alone for an hour or so and I scrubbled his head and cried a lot.

The doctor will discuss options with us tomorrow, once the last labs are back, but they are likely to be severely limited. Chemotherapy (not surgery, just chemo by itself) may prolong his life but we’re skeptical of this plan… we’d be very concerned that his quality of life would be crap. We both feel strongly that we don’t want him to have a crappy time just so that we can adore him a while longer.

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  1. merlinofchaos

    Hm, a vet next to an emergency vet. There was a place up off of 680 that we took Elwood to when he had cancer. I don’t remember the name of the place now, but the little shopping center it was in was Ohlone something or other. Is that the same place you took Harz to? They were very very good to us there, even though they weren’t able to help Elwood. I liked them a lot and they made what had to be done easier.

  2. solkitten

    I am so sorry, can I offer you a awesome referral of a doctor that has performed miracles with kitties like this?

    Seriously, my dog Mopsy was pretty much dead.. this doctor is amazing.

    Dr. Illana Strubel, Linda Mar Vet Hospital

    They saved mopsy.. and me. Try her, everyone told me that in all likelyhood my options were none to bad. Right now I’m looking at this little girl who defied all odds 2 years later..

    Hugs and much blessings to you and your baby

  3. aelfsciene

    *hug* I’m so, sorry to hear this, and really sad for both of you. I will hope that there’s a way out for him that doesn’t involve pain and confusion for the poor little guy.

  4. aellya

    Oh Greg :( I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Simon and now these problems with Harley. *hugs* to both you and Michelle. I know you both will do whatever is best for your beloved Harz.

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