paralegal as a career?

I have a friend who is thinking about taking some courses to become certified as a paralegal. She’s heard that this might be a good career option but she’s not sure.

Are any of you working as a paralegal or have you in the past? Or do you know someone who might like to comment? It would be interesting to know what opportunities are out there and what kinds of jobs you might find on getting training and some kind of certificate? Does it suck, is it rewarding, what types of people/personalities do well or poorly at it, etc.


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  1. nplusm

    My friend Kim, who is a paralegal, said it’s a very mixed bag.

    On the upside, the work is interesting, the people smart, and money is good at first.

    On the downside, there is little room for advancement, they are low people on the legal totem pole, and they often lack substantial job security.

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