Hawaii, here we come

Friends- We have made reservations for Hawaii! We are going to the Big Island, from October 14 to October 20. That’s six nights, checking in Sunday and checking out Saturday.

I know I have asked a few of you if you’d like to go with us, so now would be a good time to confirm your availability and request time off from work, etc.

We have a short list (family mostly) that we want with us if possible, but not all of them will be available and so far there’s plenty of room. If you’re interested in joining us, let me know that you’re interested and I’ll get back to you to let you know if there’s still space available. I have reserved 4 bedrooms total (2 with king, 2 with double-queen) but there’s a chance to get more rooms if we act quickly.

The rooms are pre-paid using our timeshare, so you would only need to cover your travel, meals and entertainment (there’s a kitchen unit in the room).

Here’s a link to the resort info: http://www.hiltongrandvacations.com/hilton-waikoloa-timeshare.php

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  1. aellya

    Gosh that’s tempting. I’ve never been to hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go. My co worker’s parents have a house there and she goes regularly and has the most fantastic pictures and stuff. Heh.

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