DDR on PS3

I wanted to get a game machine so that I could play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). I was pretty close to getting the PS2, but I noticed that the PS3 is available, plays PS2 games, also plays Oblivion, and has HD support (including playing BluRay disks). So, I took the plunge.

Apparently, DDR works fine in PS2 compatibility mode, but the dance pad/mat doesn’t work, even with a PS2 to USB converter. (Silly problem… PS2 controllers work with the USB converter, if you’re playing a PS3 native game, but playing a PS2 game causes PS3 to forget which controller is which, and you have to press the “PS” button on the controller after loading the game to assign a port number to the controller; the dance pad lacks this magic button) Which means I can use the mat for other games, but not DDR, and I can play DDR with the handheld controller only (not a great workout). I guess the people who were supposed to test that old controllers work and old games also work didn’t think to test these things at the same time? hmmm.

Anyway, according to shub-Internet, there is a better converter that actually has the “PS” button on the converter. So, another $20 and I will have what I need, I think. If that doesn’t work I will gleefully take back the nice new gleaming console and get the older model for 1/5 of the cost.

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  1. tersa

    Let me know how that works for you? I have a PS3 and would love to buy a DDR game for it, but I’d heard about that lack of compatability with the DDR pads prior to buying it and had given it up as a lost cause until if/when they came out with a PS3-native version of it.

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