Slow-cooked pepper pork chops

I made slow-cooked pepper pork chops today and served it alongside pan-fried polenta and asparagus. (Polenta cut in heart shapes of course!)

My only variance from the instructions was that I could not wait around 1.5 hours to turn the heat down to Low, so I started it at High and as soon as it started bubbling I switched to Low and hit the road. Instead of 1.5*High + 4.5*Low I did about 10 hours on Low. (My new Crock Pot has a simple timer with four settings but doesn’t understand how to do two different stages all on its own.)

The meat felt a little dry texture-wise so perhaps it was too long. I enjoyed shredding the pork and spooning cooking juices and apple/onion mush over the bits. Maybe next time I will try cooking for the recommended time (or at least switching from Low to Warm at 8 hrs instead of 10 hrs).

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