health update

I had another gout attack yesterday. Same site, base of left toe. The sequence seems to go something like this:
Day 1 (all day): “Hmm, something’s up with my toe, did I bump it on something?”
Day 2 (early morning): “SWEET MOTHER OF CHEESES! WHY is my TOE trying to KILL me? Where is the Advil!”
Day 3: “OK, that still seriously hurts, but not as bad as yesterday. Advil? Yes please.”

I have actually been alternating between Advil and Indomethacin (which is like a Super-Advil, where 25 mg is used like 200mg of Advil. Doctor gave me 75 mg because the pain was so bad. I added another 25 mg from Miche’s stash for a total of 100mg).

Other than excruciating pain in the toe, the rest of my existence is pretty OK. So, don’t feel too sorry for me… mostly I wanted to post here for my own future reference.

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