Taxes done!

Yes, I know, it’s the wrong time of year for it, but I was waiting on some investment paperwork and filed a six-month extension, and would you look at that, six months has gone by. Anyway, I’m getting a fair amount back, so that’s cool.

I also cleared out some space in the garage and moved things around so we have room for 2 cars again. And made cookies. woo hoo!

0 thoughts on “Taxes done!

  1. traveller_blues


    Please to be telling me that you still have last week’s Doctor Who still recorded on Tivo; through some massive fragging activity, somehow last week’s recording on our end got munched.

    Thank you kindly in advance.

    1. nekodojo

      Lucky Friday

      Friday 10/13 is your lucky day. I have the recording. The file size is suspiciously small though… I should check to make sure it didn’t record a black screen or something. Stay tuned!

    2. nekodojo

      I was wrong. The 13th was not lucky. The recording started with “Title not available” and ended with 59.5 minutes of black screen. (This happens sometimes when the satellite box has failed to phone home).

      Today, however, may be luckier… I found the episode has been posted to Start here:… the other parts should be easy to find from that link. YOu may wish to watch it soon in case it gets pulled from YouTube for copyright reasons.

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