Going to Hawai’i

M and I are planning a trip to Hawai’i. Most likely this will take place a year from now, in October 2007. We will probably go to one of these:

Waikoloa Beach Resort – On the big island, new in 2006.

Hawai’ian Village or nearby Kalia Tower – On Oahu in walking distance to Waikiki.

Now, the reason I’m posting here is that I’d like to invite friends along with us. If you’re reading this, that probably means we know each other RL and you would be welcome to come along with us. If you think you might be interested, let me know and I will keep you updated on the plans, costs, etc. (Expressing interest doesn’t obligate you in any way :)

This is a timeshare, so if you have a timeshare of your own that is affiliated with RCI you may be able to use your RCI time there too. The rooms are bigger than normal hotel rooms and they all have kitchen facilities, so we usually save money by eating most meals in the room. The rooms can also be rented for cash if you don’t have a timeshare to trade… in fact there is usually a hefty discount if you’re willing to sit through a sales presentation. We are so far quite happy with our timeshare purchase and if you’re thinking about a timeshare, it’s a good one to check out, but if you’re not in the market, don’t feel pressured or anything… the point is to have a fun vacation with some friends, not to try to sell property :)

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    1. nekodojo

      We haven’t picked a specific date, though for best rates we should complete our stay by 10/20. I probably won’t pick a specific date yet, maybe when we get 9 months out. If you think you might like to go, by all means suggest a date :)

      Since you are familiar with airports and stuff, let me ask you this question. We will probably stay for a week, such as arriving Saturday and leaving the following Saturday. But we could just as easily arrive Wednesday and leave the following Wednesday. What do you think are the best days to get both cheap air fare and non-busy airports?

      (Some folks may end up joining us for less than a full week which would be fine too)

      1. cyranocyrano

        I’m probably looking at being in Ashland again next year around the first week of October, so I certainly wouldn’t mind pushing for a later date. (:
        The non-peak days (Tuesdy to Thursday) are likely to offer lighter loads and thus cheaper airfare, generally speaking. And getting to Hawaii, you’re probably going to have to go through either SFO or LAX–um. Or maybe OAK, I’m not sure. I can’t tell if it’d be cheaper to start in SJC and from there go to LAX and then HNL or to fly direct, but I can check pretty quickly with a trip to Orbitz or Travelocity. (:

        1. nekodojo

          Excellent. I think we have plenty of time, with it still being 1 year plus. I will most likely be picking your brain more as we get closer. If you’re able to make it that would certainly be cool.

          1. cyranocyrano

            I’ve never been, and I’d really like to go. I hear October is less crowded, and less hot, both of which sound like winners to me.
            I’ve heard that I would prefer Oahu, because I like mountains and volcanos and forests to nightclubs and gift shops and restaurants.

    1. nekodojo

      O’ahu is one of the places we’re thinking of. Having a local give us info certainly wouldn’t hurt the case.

      I’ll be sure to keep you on the “interested in more info” list.

    1. nekodojo

      I will keep you on the “keep tempting” list (I mean, want more information list :) If you could make it that would be grand, I haven’t seen you since you escaped San Jose I don’t think.

  1. goldenlily

    Sorry, I’ll be teaching the hoardes again at that time, just not possible. :( We’ll have to sell our week in Belize for that time period also. Anyhow, Oahu is fun, but crowded, close to everything. Hawaii I’ve never been too. I usually hate crowds, but I didn’t mind Oahu at all, but there’s not much in the way of scenery until you get out of town. And no one rents a car in some parts :)

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