Items looking for a home

We need to find homes for some items. Please let me know if you’re interested in any of these. (email addr on my profile works best).

  • Queen size futon bed frame: This is a bed frame designed for a queen-sized futon (no mattress included, just the frame). It does not fold up into a couch; it is a full-time bed with headboard and footboard. Light maple in color. Might work with a normal mattress but results may be a little weird… you could try it with mattress and box spring but it would be pretty tall. Bolts are missing so you will need to go to the hardware store to get some parts.
  • Stereo components: Amplifier/tuner, subwoofer, speakers. These are probably 6-8 years old but should work fine. They support 5+1 surround. There is an “optical digital” input but it might be for an old standard or might not work at all, but if your tv/dvd/dvr has 6 rca sound outputs it should work fine. In good condition at last use but has been sitting in the garage for over a year. Has been claimed.
  • Desk: Standard computer desk including hutch. Made of oak, not pressboard. In good condition except for where the front molding strip has started to come off, so we put in two large wood screws on each side.
  • TV stand: Looks like it’s made of pressboard or MDF, laminated with a faux-maple finish. In good condition.
  • Exercise bike: Has given good service to us, and to the previous owner, but frankly we didn’t use it as much as we should. It is a pretty standard exercise bike, variable resistance, tracks time/distance/calories and takes your pulse, electronic features are powered by pedaling. (We are looking to get an elliptical machine instead).
  • 400 cd player/jukebox: Loads up to 400 CDs, plays them by programming a track list, or you can arrange them into groups and choose shuffle on the groups. In good condition at last use but has been sitting in the garage for over a year. (Note: I’m ready to part with this item but my weety may not be, so she will have the final say in whether it stays or goes.) Has been claimed.

The rules: I would like to give these items away to a friend. I will take requests on a first-come first-served basis from among my friends list, and if nobody on my friends list wants it, I’ll consider any requests from others (friends of friends, etc). You must be willing to come take the items away from my house (in the 95132 area).

I am not asking for any cash but if you would like to make a donation to a charity of your choosing instead, that would be great. (If you don’t need the tax deduction, let me make the donation in both our names and I can use the writeoff.)

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