Dr. Stephen Hawking to speak in San Jose

Hey, is anyone interested in going to this?

If you would like to be seated with our party (currently 4 but may grow to 8 or 10) please RSVP by mid-day Friday. Tickets are $95 (possibly less if I can get them direct instead of using TicketBastard™). If you RSVP I will assume you will attend, or be responsible for finding someone else to attend in your place, or otherwise cover the cost of your ticket.

If you’re not sure you can make it, or if you don’t RSVP, you can still get tickets directly from ticketmaster.com or possibly a bit less by calling SJ CPA directly.

We may also plan for dinner (La Pastaia could be good). I will post again with dinner plans as we get closer to the date.


Mon, Nov 7, 2005 08:00 PM

San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
255 Almaden Blvd., San Jose, CA 95113

Hawking Rethinks Origin of the Universe

In two, rare public appearances, at a moment of revolutionary change, world-renowned cosmologist Dr. Stephen Hawking presents a popular lecture entitled “New Perspectives on The Origin of the Universe” at the Center for Performing Arts in San Jose on Monday, November 7th, and at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, Thursday, November 10th, 2005. Both events begin at 8pm.

Professor Hawking holds the prestigious Lucasian chair at Cambridge University, once held by Sir Isaac Newton. Hawking is one of the early developers of the theory of black holes and author of the international best-selling book A Brief History of Time.

Cosmology is making a paradigm-shift in thinking about the formation of stars, galaxies, black holes and, indeed, about the origin of the universe itself. Seventy percent of the universe is a strange ‘dark energy’. The cornerstone theory of gravity itself must be reconsidered.

NASA’s Swift satellite, in just the last few months, has revealed startling new details of black hole formation. The Swift observations challenge us to consider a dramatically different view – one that entails multiple explosive outbursts not just a single bang, as previously thought.

Hawking – at the forefront of research on both black holes and the origins of the universe – presents for us his working hypotheses.

0 thoughts on “Dr. Stephen Hawking to speak in San Jose

  1. tersa

    $95 per ticket? Who says being a scientist isn’t a paying job? Oy!

    (Although the concept of going to the lecture fascinates me, I am not feeling flush enough to shell out the money for it. However, if you do go to La Pastaia beforehand and if Klae’s working that night, it might be fun to at least join you for dinner–I’ve been meaning to get down there to eat sometime :)

  2. nekodojo

    I poked a bit further on the ticketmaster site, and it looks like some seats in the balcony are as low as $35 + $9.

    Maybe someone else could round up a “cheap seats” group and we could all meet for dinner…


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