Expected downtime on neko-base tomorrow

Hello folks,

Well, it had to happen sooner or later… after some months of running an old Linux and failing to keep it updated, one of the accounts on the box got hacked.

I’m going to take this opportunity to reinstall the system from scratch, give everyone new passwords, and spruce up the firewall settings a bit. You will need to get the new password from me tomorrow to get back on the system or to get your mail (if it’s being stored locally on neko-base). If you haven’t logged in for over a year and you have no domains or mushes active, I will probably not create your account on the new system. If you still want the account, just ask (or if you decide you don’t need it, let me know that too).

My first priority tomorrow will be getting everyone’s accounts created, email back up and running, and then the web pages serving correctly. Mushes may have to wait until Sunday depending on how much time the other tasks are taking.

Please chat with me on AIM (nekodojo) or YIM (nekodojo_org) or give me an alternate email address where I can reach you.


P.S. No the breakin was nothing serious, I’m pretty sure they didn’t get root access and they just seem to be running some silly IRC bot. sigh.

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