Of servers and toilets

Yesterday, I installed Debian on an extra server. I’m checking out the new version of Mailman, which seems to be quite cool. It has better integration with Spamassassin (and I could also upgrade to Postfix 2.1+ which has Spamassassin as a real-time filter. The cool thing about the new Mailman is Topics – you can have categories like announcements, events, classifieds, off-topic, discussion, etc. within a single list, and subscribers can pick and choose which things they want to see. Means users will need to add tags to the subject line, but I think people will figure it out before long.

I would also like to evaluate HostingHelper to see if it will work well for the various sites I host. You can use it to give people accounts by which each user can manage his/her own domain names and web services, etc. Plus, it supports OpenSRS, which means I can act as a registrar for me and my friends and not have to go through GoDaddy (though the pricing ends up being about the same, I like the idea of cutting out the middleman and being able to create domain names instantly.

Today I totally switched gears and installed a new toilet. The old one was leaking from the tank to the bowl and refilling its tank a little every 55 minutes or so, which probably could have been fixed, but I used the opportunity to get a taller throne as well. Long story short, *three* attempts and *three* wax rings later, we now have a new toilet. Hopefully the next two replacements will be a bit easier.

(Thanks go to misty_shadows for excellent assistance and moral support on the plumbing project. It is appreciated.)

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