seeking dns consultants

My company is seeking some DNS advice. This will probably be of the “consulting service” type of arrangement, where the consultants prepare a quote, work on a specific task, and bill by invoice. (If we can’t find a consulting service we like, we may also consider hiring an hourly contractor for a short period of time, probably 3-6 weeks).

Approximate prerequisites are:
Knows more about DNS than I do
Exposure to multiple (at least 5) corporate IT environments with a role in managing or advising DNS infrastructure, preferably multiple “mixed” (unix/windows) shops
Familiar with recent trends in DNS (such as dynamic updates, Active Directory, etc) and familiar with DNS best practices.
Able to intelligently discuss choices that most IT organizations make with regard to DNS and articulate the pros and cons (i.e. don’t say “this is the only way”, rather say “here are the tradeoffs”)

Tell me if you know of a consulting service that might meet our demanding requirements :) For now we are only considering established consulting services with references, but if we get to the point of looking for hourly contracts I’ll probably post again.

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