Taxes done

Taxes are finally done. I am getting a huge refund, mostly because 1. working for two employers, I overpaid social security tax, and 2. getting a lump sum from the Y! and having it taxed like a single period’s paycheck meant that the deductions for the lump sum were set on “insane!!!”.

Anyway, the returns are done and sent electronically. 12 days ahead of schedule too!

The only things I was moderately confused by were 1. why I didn’t get a mortgage interest statement from the finance company that held my loan for 1 month before selling it to a bank, and 2. how much that check for car tax refund was, that I got in Feb. because I deducted the whole amount last year, so the refund reduces the amount I can claim this year.

OK must go eat and watch Law and Order.

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