AV reunion, sorta

I went to Blue Chalk last night to meet a bunch of other former AV people. Unfortunately, the effort to include Ops wasn’t serious or well-executed… I think that’s in part because the party was organized by Andreas and Jonathan who were marketing types and didn’t really deal with Ops much, so we didn’t have much reason to stay connected. I heard about the gathering like 1 day ahead, and forwarded the notice to a bunch of people who had been left out, but I didn’t really expect to see much of Ops due to the late notice.

I was pleased to see Greg S, Matt, Manny, Linda, David (who arrived late, of course), Edgar, David Henke, Cameron, Bret and Shawn, Kerry, Peter C, Mark and Gene. I saw a bunch of other people too (and was pleased to see most or all of them :) but don’t remember everyone. I told everyone that I was still gainfully employed in IT, and that I was “no longer allowed to kill spammers with a claw hammer, as a condition of my parole, so I just starve them to death”. I also told people that those who had been on my team seemed to be gainfully employed or hied off to school.

Now I’m feeling like I want to have an AV Ops reunion. And I will make every effort to see that Marketing folks are invited, though it may be at the last minute :)

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  1. ambar

    Yeah, I didn’t even open your message until after Edgar had posted his pictures, and I was thinking ‘wtf? I never heard about this’. Thanks for trying. :-)

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