Busy week so far, and it’s only half gone


  • Made a list of all the things we want to do for the house. Sorted said list into “sooner” and “later”.
  • Finally put up the plastic light covers under the flourescents in the kitchen.
  • Swept the downstairs.
  • Vacuumed the stairs.
  • Measured the hot water temperature (111F) and turned up the temp on the water heater. (New temp 134F)
  • Made dvds out of Scfi’s Earthsea – let me know if you need a copy.


  • Went shopping for All The Food Evar. Put away like 12 bags of food.
  • Made Pot Roast in the crock pot. Came out great! The only problem was I started late and it was not done until 10:00 pm. I could not tell if searing the outside of the roast made any difference or not… the meat on the edges might have been slightly tastier but I could be imagining things. Next time, just like this but less or no vinegar, possibly substitute some broth.
  • Did like 2 loads of dishes.
  • Painted the unpainted spot where the old stove was. (Old stove was a one-piece oven/range/microwave above thingy, and removing it had left a beige spot that needed to become white)


  • Went to Home Despot and got a new drill, after figuring out that the old drill didn’t work. Got the rechargeable drill, circular saw, light, handheld vac set with two batteries and charger, all for like $129. Also returned the light bulbs, got new different lightbulbs, got a motion-sensor night light, dust mop, and whisk broom/dustpan.
  • Did another load of dishes.
  • Hung the microwave from the cabinet. This was pretty much an all-day project. Good things: it had a bracket that mounted on the wall and held the weight of the oven while I farted around with the screws on top. Very nice. Bad things: Had to take it down once and put it back up because the power cord was stuck behind it and not next to it; had to take it down a second time because the holes down through the cabinet above were just slightly off. Also, after trying to get the screws in at an angle, I mangled the threads enough so that I had to really work to power the third screw in. Power cord is just 6 inches short so I need to find a 6-inch 20-amp extension cord :| But, it is finally up and looks great.
  • Vacuumed the entire upstairs.

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  1. senatorhatty

    Why did you make a copy of that Earthsea thing? Is it like The Ring? Did some spirit pop out of the TV and tell you if you didn’t force other people to watch it, it would kill you?

    Cos, and I say this knowing full well that opinion is by definition subjective, that show was TERRIBLE!!

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