Personal Mission Statement

I took some time over my vacation to work on my Personal Mission Statement. I am recording it here for myself, and to share it with those who are interested.

I take pride in my strengths. I am: patient, sensitive, compassionate, insightful, creative, and a good communicator.

I humbly recognize my weaknesses. I can sometimes be: unmotivated, disorganized, and a procrastinator. I will strive to overcome these, and to be: proactive, driven, organized, and dependable.

I will never compromise in myself those things which I implicitly trust in others: I will be honest at all times, and I will never seek to harm another.

I will spend time and effort on the things that are most important to me.

  • For my body, I need a healthy diet, regular exercise, and enough rest.
  • For my heart, I need family and friends, and emotional awareness and honesty.
  • For my mind, I need self-improvement and growth, creative expression, and communication with others.
  • For my spirit, I need to have compassion and give service.

In my personal life, I wish to be: healthy and sound of body, and at peace with my mind, heart, and conscience.

Among my friends and family, I wish to be known as: patient, dependable, creative, and a good listener.

Among my co-workers and professional colleagues, I wish to be known as: proactive, dependable, creative, organized, and wise.

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    1. nekodojo

      I listened to First Things First on audio… it was an abridged version but still contained a lot of material. I think it really focuses on Habit 3, but it covers some ideas from other areas as well.

      Here is my summary of it:

      My idea of Seven Habits is that there are a lot of things I already knew and practiced, but hadn’t really prioritized and sorted through in my head. It gives a good perspective on what’s important and why.

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