Kitchen stuff

We now have a new fridge, oven, dishwasher and microwave. woo hoo!

I am so stoked! Appliances rock.

Also, we were going to have the dishwasher installed by someone else, but in order to unhook the old one, I had to leave the hot water to the sink turned off. That meant, turn the cold water off too, so no sink and no ice machine, or leave the cold water on and when you use the sink, cold water sprays out the open part of the hot spigot underneath. Having tried both options, I decided I didn’t really want to wait a week for the situation to be fixed.

The install went well. It just took a really long time to do everything correctly and carefully. Everything is done now except screwing in the top screws that hold the dishwasher to the counter. And I was up until 2 am so I am really really really tired. And my knee hurts. But at least we have a freaking kitchen!!!

OK that is all.

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