high crimes and misdemeanors

I find it ironic that a large number of people who voted for Bush over Gore did so because Something was Wrong in the White House if Clinton could lie about having shagged someone and not get impeached for it.

Now Bush is found to have basically lied about reasons for going to war and sending 1000+ soldiers to their death and arranging for 22,000+ to be wounded badly enough to be airlifted out of Iraq to US or European hospitals.

I have my own ideas about which is the greater “crime or misdemeanor”. Not only has discussion of impeachment never been brought up in the House or Senate (as a Republican majority exists there), people still give W high marks in the approval column. Amazing.

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  1. jakeaidan

    Well to be fair

    And keep in mind that I want Bush out…out…out

    Clinton lied while under judicial oath. It’s not against the law to lie…but it is against the law to lie under oath, it’s perjury.

    I still think Bush is a horrendous president…but I can see the difference.

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