House hunt

In other news, we put an offer on the townhouse in Almost-Milpitas (off of 680 Berryessa). There was no counter for a couple days so it doesn’t look like we will get it. Oh well, I’m not too worried, we have just started and there are others to see and make offers on (including one 3 doors down from the first :)

Taking our time is good, perhaps it will give me some time to finish the linoleum in the bathroom, and chase down the check from Yahoo that will make up the rest of the down payment.

My dad came down to visit and we had a nice dinner, just the two of us. I will see him again at Thanksgiving, but maybe sooner if I can arrange it.

M and I are both sick with a cold and cough, though it seems to have hit her harder (which is normal).

New job is cool, a lot like the old one. We’re working on a documentation site for the team, and slowly replacing old IRIX servers with Linux, making software installs more reliable, improving monitoring and graphing, improving redundancy… does this sound familiar to anyone? :)

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