The beginning of the end

I have accepted a contract position with SGI, to work on sendmail and spam filtering. I am extremely happy about this.

I will be terminating at AV on 4/15 (or maybe 4/16?) I am happy about this as well.

Unfortunately I had already signed up to have my transition extended to 5/31 so I will most likely lose my severance package due to voluntarily (wry grin) leaving earlier than my planned term date. Which means I forfeit the 3 mo. of pay I would have got by sticking it out another 6 weeks. But, I don’t want to risk losing the new opportunity. I will still get my “please stay until 4/15 bonus” on 4/15 though (which is about 6 weeks pay) and I will get vacation cashed out (3+ weeks).

It would be really cool if my boss could sort of lose the 5/31 extension paperwork and let me go out with full severance on 4/15. I would even be willing to help them out after hours if he did that. If not, if he just says here is your 6 weeks bonus, you forfeit the rest, well, that’s the risk I took by accepting the extension. But if they need anything after that time I will just laugh.

So. The beginning of the end. I need to celebrate next weekend.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, especially by sending me leads :)

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