Airlines rant

We have usually had OK experiences with Alaska Airlines, but I was quite unimpressed with them this trip, though I guess I am not allowed to complain too loudly when M and I are flying on a Rewards ticket… but “Reward” does not mean “free”

The first flight going North was great. I had coupons to upgrade my Rewards ticket to First Class, and both M and I sat in seats *actually* wider than our butts. Only complaint there was that we were too late upgrading to get a meal.

The flight going home on Monday was bad. It was packed to the gills because there had been a cancellation a couple hours earlier. No upgrades available.

What really made me mad was that some family of four, whose flight had been cancelled, were sitting in OUR seats. They had been given assigned seats but they were all over the place, and you can’t expect a mother and father to be in different rows from their 2-year-old and 8-year-old children.

But, some dipstick who works for Alaska had seated them in 13B, 14B, 14D, and 17B. To which they protested and said they had to be next to their kids, in pairs at least, but the guy had said, just go and they will take care of it when you get there. They also attempted to resolve it at the gate before boarding, but the gate person said, get on the plane and your steward/crew will work it out. They even got passed along by the lady standing at the fore, who said, go on back and the aft person will take care of you. So, they really had no choice but to hang out in OUR seats until we came along, and found someone else in our seats with a lame explanation and summoned the crew member.

Now. There is a perfectly good reason why I like to get my seat assignment way ahead of time, and why I prefer to get two aisle seats. I do NOT like to be asked to give up my aisle seat for a center seat because someone else’s flight was cancelled and they were treated badly. I would have MUCH preferred if the guy who assigned them into four separated, all-center seats would have just said “No, there is no room for YOU on this flight.”

Another minor rant, I couldn’t hang up my suit because someone before me had stowed a suitcase in the closet.

Anyway, that’s my Alaska rant… I don’t think I will be flying with them again. If I do, I will go first class or not at all. Also I have learned that if someone announces on the PA “This flight is overfull, would someone like to take the next flight with a consolation prize” that we should TAKE IT.

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  1. jakeaidan

    That all sucks, but I would not be too quick to blame Alaska Airlines.
    I was on a United Flight once, with an older couple, and they wanted to be on the plane, despite not having tickets for that flight. The flight attendant was very nice, and made the arrangements (they were in front of me), but told them, if you want to take this flight, you’ll have to both sit in center seats separately. I heard it clear as day. They agreed after some complaining, and then I got my boarding pass and soon boarded the plane.
    Once on the plane, I encountered an argument with the older couple and another passenger and a steward. The older couple claimed that the lady at the flight desk said the steward would be able to put them together. I knew for a fact that wasn’t the case, but chose, poorly, to remain silent.

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