Busy Weekend Report

Wow, if I were not tired, I would be smug. Did a lot of crap this weekend.

  • Friday: Trader Joes, purchased snacks. Rite Aid, get soda. Home, drop off soda.
  • Gaming at Merlin’s. Game happened to be quite cleric-centered but I managed to not monopolize the session, I think.
  • Saturday: Installed Paperport and didn’t scan anything.
  • Spent a long time playing around with Windows Users and Groups – created a Roaming Profile and Home Directory on the Samba server. Found out that this makes the account take like 8-10 minutes to log in, because it has to copy all your preferences and shit every time you log in or log out. Backed out of that crap.
  • Stripped the futon and sprayed Nature’s Miracle on it in four places. Leave it out to dry.
  • Washed 4 loads of laundry.
  • Went to get take out for dinner. Folded clothes, watched TV.
  • Put a load of dishes in the washer, mostly pots/pans.
  • Unpacked the new electric food slicer. Sliced some salami with it.
  • Took 4 bags of pissed-on bedding into the bathroom. Went over each with black light, and sprayed each with Nature’s Miracle. This took about 4 hours and consumed an entire gallon of Nature’s Miracle.
  • Bed not dry yet. Covered up wet spots with plastic bags and made the bed, slept in it.
  • Sunday: Took a shower. Played on the computer for a while, viewing bills and statements and “printing” them into PDF using Paperport.
  • Sliced the steak with the electric slicer. Slices came out funny because the blade keeps pulling the meat down, but if you flip the steak each time it works OK. Next time I will try it frozen.
  • Cleaned the slicer. This is an operation in itself, and took about as long as slicing the meat. Went over each piece and the base unit with soapy water, plain water, then plain water with a shot of bleach. Take that, microbes!
  • Took the well-sprayed bedding to the coin laundry. Did another 5 loads of bedding and 2 loads of clothes and towels.
  • Met D and C for dinner at Chili’s. Then to Bed Bath and a Handbasket. Then to Barnes and Noble. Then home.
  • Not done yet! Took slices of meat marinading in soy sauce and set them out to be dried. Filled up 4 trays of the food dehydrator. (Making jerky, though you probably figured that out by now, you’re clever folk.) Sprinkled on black pepper and garlic powder.
  • Looked around for futon cover. Realized that I probably left that at the coin laundry in the dryer. sh!t
  • Typed up this entry.

Now it is time to make the bed (again!)

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