Weekend report

Thursday: Interview with some startup in Mountain View. I think they like me, but I’m not sure if I like them, or rather, if I would like to work for a startup and have no life again. Oh and the site melted at work while I was at the interview. Oh and Bruce is leaving, which is going to be good for him.

Friday: Left work early to meet with a recruiter (“We have to meet before you can interview with them again” Ok Sure). Anyway it was my first time at the BART station in Millbrae (wow that thing is BIG) and it was my first BART ride in a long time. BART is cool, I wish it ran farther south, the crappiest part was driving 101 in the rain to get to Millbrae.

After that, gaming. A really good game, kudos to Merlin. The story was good and it actually took some work to discover. Sometimes you can tell when you’re taking the story in the “wrong” direction because things get hazy and the GM “leads” you a bit, but I don’t think Merlin does this much (or if he does it is subtle). I like it best when there is a fair amount of backstory and not much attempt to script the adventure itself – this is difficult to pull off and Merlin does a good job. I get the impression that the world is rich and fairly well-imagined but also that what we do as players is shaping the story as well, which is excellent. Now I really want to run my own game and give Merlin some healthy competition :)

Saturday morning: Getting back late, I decided to stay up even later and make the casserole for the next day. Got to bed at 5:30 and woke at 9:30.

Saturday: Got up at 9:30 and got ready to go to D and C’s – though I was distracted a bit by trying to find the cat pee stains in the spare room. Actually got there at 11:30. We had missed second breakfast, but came in time for elevenses, watched FOTR, with a break between for lunch, then had tea between movies. Then watched TT, with one more break for dinner, then after the movie we snacked a bit more and went off to the theater. I became popular with the crowd by buying bottled water for everyone with the movie coupons I had collected from missing a couple work events.

Sunday morning: Got home late (like 1:30) and stayed up a bit longer than that (again) so actually got to sleep at 3:30 or so.

Sunday: Not much of anything got done, though I went out and bravely hunted for food, bringing back a Carls Jr bag, canned drinks, medicines, etc. No laundry was done though.

OK time for bed I think.

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