Beta test

Want to be a test audience? If so…

Please read the following conversation. This is not the actual story… I have removed the thoughts and facial expressions. I want to find out if someone overhearing just the voices would think.

K: “Hello Denny,”
D: “Kimne, hello, you look well,”
K: “You too. Please sit.”
D: *pause* *chair moves* “Thank you.” *pause* “You know, I was quite surprised to see you yesterday.”
K: “I guess so, Denny,”
D: “Folks around here don’t call me Denny; it’s usually Den or Densaye,”
K: “Is it. I guess I never learned your real name, when we, ah, met in Camos.”
D: “Ah, I’m sorry about that…” *pause* *dishes rattle* “Keep the change,”
Girl: “Thank you!”
K: “How did I know you were going to say that?”
D: “What?”
K: “Nothing, just a habit I picked up from you. I thought you were being extravagant, like as if to impress me, always dealing in silver and refusing to take copper. Looking back now I can see the real reason.”
D: “Ah, yes.” *pause* “So you mentioned that, ah, you have a son now?”
K: “Yes. Fine young boy he is. Ayden is his name. Quite like his father, in a lot of ways,”
D: “Good to hear. Have you told him…” *pause* “Have you told him, ah, what happened to his father?”
K: *pause* “Just that he died, quite painfully at that. May Sulam grant him rest.”
D: “Ouch. Well, that’s for the best, I suppose. I am sure you are a wonderful mother to him.”
K: “Yes, it has been hard, but we make do. I probably would not have come this far without Orell and Kanita. They have been wonderful.”
D: “That’s good to hear. I am happy that you are well. I’ve thought of you often, but I never imagined that you had a son and raised him on your own.” *pause* “My heart grows heavy at the thought of the hardship you have endured. I would certainly not wish that on anyone.”
K: *pause* “I know. I know, and thank you for saying so.” *teapot rattles* “So, enough about me, what have you been up to? You have sons, of your own now!”
D: “Yes. Ardasho is the oldest, then Daytha, then Ormonn. Ardasho is probably a year and a half to two years younger than your Ayden.”
K: “That’s… wonderful!”
D: “Well, Morela and I are quite proud of them. Ardasho and Ormonn are both training hard; they want to travel to Aldavor and be officers in the King’s Guard.”
K: “Ah, just like their father, yeah?”
D: “Better than me, actually! They’ve been studying some new methods from Kin’tas too. Scary stuff.”
K: “That’s great. I’m sure they will do quite well.” *chairs move* “Well I had better get back. It was good to see you again.”
D: “Thank you, and you too. Please take care of yourself, and take care of Ayden.”
K: “Of course, and you take care as well,” “Safe travels to you!”

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