Writing this month

I have generated about 1000 words of outline and other material (568 family tree+683 cause and effect). None of it goes in the finished product but I feel like it’s a good start.

I also have a page and a half of scrawl that traces my hero (45) to his great-great-great grandfather. It is a huge file and loading time is slow due to my DSL. It won’t make sense without the notes (which I’m not going to show you, neener neener).
Gen 1-4 (500K jpg) 25 sec
Gen 4-6 (1.7M jpg) 85 sec

Writing in gconnor_writing will be hidden (for now). I will probably come back and un-hide the entries later, if things go well. I would love you all to see it, but the end is kind of a mystery and I will probably end up writing it kind of back-to-front a bit.

Edit: 471 more for 1722 today, though not much of that counts as prose. Nighty night.

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