New friends

I added althaea to my friends page because she seems to write some cool stuff. I also seem to have picked up a couple more friends due to what I will call The althaea Effect. Welcome kidarrian and creentmerveille. The reading around here may not always be insightful, but will at the very least be honest.

Usually I post like once a week to say what I did over the weekend, but sometimes I post something insightful or even clever. If you find my writing interesting, great, otherwise if you decide to wander off I shall not take it personally. I am writing primarily for me, and entertaining you the readers is not a huge priority, but I do try to be thought-provoking when the mood strikes.

0 thoughts on “New friends

  1. kidarrian

    honest is a good quality, and one I respect very highly….

    and yes it was the freind of a freind effect. but I only add people I consider interesting or needed to broaden my perspective in some way…and I am becomming a lot picker as my freinds list grows ;)

    I find much of your writing insightfull as well.
    but most of all I just like the chance to glimpse other perspectives and lives..that much usually enriches my own.

    and yes its your journal…definately write for yourself, that is the truest form of writing anyways

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